About Daughter Jewelry

We are all familiar with the narrative of strife between mother and daughter, but at Daughter Jewelry we believe that this relationship has the ability to change the world.  Mothers have a special opportunity to empower their daughter’s unique feminine voice, a voice that has the ability to release both tenderness and truth. This tenderness can repair breaches and bring healing to nations, and truth, steeped in wisdom, brings clarity and freedom from fear.  Daughters, in turn, have the opportunity to honor the way generations before them have broken through on their behalf.  My mom always believed that her ceiling was my floor, and as I receive this beautiful legacy, I can see my individuality as a part of a bigger narrative.  This rootedness has allowed me to take risks and embrace a fearlessness, that I too desire to pass on to the generation after me.  It is our hope that as you wear Daughter Jewelry, you would be reminded of all the mothers who have sacrificed so you may thrive, and that their love would give you the confidence to be the fearless Daughter they always believed you to be. 

Daughter Jewelry was launched under the parent company Diane Cotton Jewelry, a well established fashion jewelry line that has been in business for over 17 years. 


About the Designer

Born and raised in Southern California, Carly spent her childhood taking trips to antique markets with her mother. Carly watched her mother create countless one-of-a-kind pieces from the bounty of their treasure hunts.  After graduating from Brown University in Providence, RI, Carly moved to New York City to develop and produce Daughter.  Continuing the family tradition, she believes jewelry is an outward expression of an inward confidence and hopes to empower feminine expression through designing jewelry that is both creative and meaningful. 


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